Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Well, that's me, then...

Hell's teeth, it's been a crazy old time. For the past 3 years, I have been almost absent from my blog. Coming back to it and seeing the last time I was here makes me feel positively guilty!

But my, what an amazing 3 years it has been.

All over now, though.

Yep, all done.

Can't quite believe it, to be honest. In March 2012, I wasn't sure how it would end. Assignments, exams, course work, lectures, all the travelling - sometimes up to 4 hours a day (I don't live anywhere near my university) and the placements. Oh, the placements!

The result?

A first class honours degree in mental health nursing and a fantastic new job starting very soon in a lovely hospital just a 15 minute drive away.

It was the saying, above, that first gave me the push to start my nurse training. I was an early morning school cleaner 3 years, 1 week ago and I saw it written on a piece of paper on a classroom wall. At the age of 41, I knew that if I didn't make the jump then, I never would.

So I did.

I cannot believe how lucky I am right now.

This seems a good time to mention that, due to there being no more assignments etc., I will finally, after 3 years, have time to start writing again! Just that sentence makes me want to turn cartwheels up and down the street. The joy!

With this in mind, there will be a huge change here at the blog very soon.