Sunday, July 20, 2014

Nurse Training blues

I've really been enjoying my nurse training.

Most of the time.

I've been on placement for 2 weeks (6 weeks to go of this one). I'm now in my 3rd year and we were allowed to go "out of (NHS) trust" on this one if the trust I'm usually with doesn't have a particular service. The service I was particularly interested in is not provided by my normal trust, so I have, indeed, gone "out of trust".

Hell's teeth. They are a funny bunch (the staff). I went to a referrals meeting this week with the ward sister, a lovely lady who has made me feel very welcome. After the meeting, a man came over and quizzed me on who I was, where was I from etc. Now, because I am from a different trust, as a student nurse I have to wear my original uniform of white tunic/black trousers. Their students wear grey, so he realised I was "different".

After I told him who I am and which university I am from, he turned to the ward sister and said that he hadn't known I had a placement there and he didn't like it as their normal students (from another university) should have priority.

The ward sister, bless her, informed him that I had arranged this placement 9 months ago(!) and that it had all gone through the right channels and what was the problem?

As a student mental health nurse I have met some wonderful people. Mental health nurses are (in the main) a lovely bunch of people. However, this man was a rude, ignorant pig.

I'm getting close to qualifying now (8 months to go) and I'm fast learning who I'd like to emulate and who I'd like to spit on!